Jay Siren on the mic at The Siren Show

Jay Siren on the mic at The Siren Show

The Siren Events is a Sacramento. CA based production house rooted in the notion that by propelling local talent to scale together, we can achieve dazzling, exciting and authentically entertaining results.

Through organized collaboration and artistic experimentation, The Siren Events seeks to reset the bar for local live entertainment experiences, offering a community-minded institution for the incubation, celebration and legacy of the alternative arts in our indomitable city.

The Siren Show audience, 2011

For us, the mission is simple: to create events that offer valuable live entertainment experiences, allowing our audiences to immerse themselves in the sizzle and let their imaginations run wild!

When you attend a Siren event you can expect to enjoy a show that is produced with both the artist and audience experience in mind, offering a high quality blend of regional acts set to open your eyes to the brilliant world of the performing arts and variety entertainment!  

What is Sizzle?
(Sizzles, Sizzled, Sizzling)

1. Focused, Powerful Energy And Presence >>> 2. A Polished Combination Of Quality, Skill, Innovation And Humor >>> 3. Self-Awareness Gained Through The Process Of Original Creative Expression 

By personal definition a ‘show’ is something produced with intention that challenges my imagination and keeps me engaged. These qualifiers remain true across all genres and live entertainment formats, and is the central aim of all Siren Events.
— Jay Siren, Creator/Producer