Join Jay Siren on a new journey with each episode as she explores the worlds of burlesque and variety entertainment at top notch events across the country!

What type of people make up the movers and shakers of today, and what inspired the pioneers of neoburlesque to push this art form into the burgeoning light of popular culture?

What types of sizzling contributions are being made towards furthering the scope and depth of the burlesque and variety arts right now?

Find out what it takes to put on a successful show, and who exists behind the curtains making the magic happen. Each episode of Sizzlevision surveys a different burlesque and variety event, but there is always a common denominator...they are all sizzling in their own way! 

It takes a team of skilled and passionate people willing to contribute and collaborate much thought and energy in order to put on a show that truly sizzles – from the producer to the stage hand, the venue staff to the headlining performer, there is a unique story to be told by all about why they love burlesque, and what they do to keep propelling it into a vibrant future. Sizzlevision was inspired by those individuals, and a desire to give you a look behind the scenes at what makes these people tick.
— Jay Siren