Looking for something new to do on your next girls night out?

Seeking an alternative to your regular group workout routine?

Then book a group lesson with the Sizzling Sirens! The Siren’s private group lessons are an excellent way to create a new and engaging, not to mention sizzling, bonding experience for you and your community group, co-workers or friends! The Siren instructional team of bonafide burlesque performers share a strong sense of passion and commitment to sharing their knowledge and skill with others interested in this unique form of persona based, evocative performance art.

*NOTE: At this time, only private group lessons with 8+ participants are available for booking.

Below you will find a general list of available topics, as well as the pricing structure for private group lessons.

Burlesque 101 
(Introduction to performance style, routine based)

Burlesque for Your Lover  
(Great for Bachelorette Parties!
Routine based)

The quality of your Burlesque Experience is rooted in its ability to strengthen your confidence and imagination...if you have something specific in mind, please tell us a little bit about your group/yourself and the reason you are booking the lesson, and we will create a custom burlesque experience for you!

Instruction Rates (per hour in studio)*

8-10 Participants: $20 each
11-15 Participants: $17 each
16 - 20 Participants: $15 each

*Rates based on number of participants and per hour of instruction in studio, please inquire for more information and additional options, including accommodation for larger and/or out of town groups. Workshops can take place on location, or at our studio in downtown Sacramento.


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Workshop Date
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Are you booking a workshop for a bachelorette party or other celebration? Let us know!

what students say about Siren Burlesque Workshops:

Just had Jay Siren come and hold a workshop for a pinup themed bachelorette party. It was fantastic!! It was a mixed group and several of the girls were hesitant to do a sexy burlesque dance. Jay quickly put everyone to ease with her dazzling personality. She fully embraced that fun side of sexy and brought it out of each and every one of us, even the shyest ones! Jay had put together a minute routine that was simple enough that everyone was able to perform it, but appeared to be much more complicated than it actually was and had enough to it to keep everyone engaged and learning. There was one step that was difficult for a few to pick up and Jay quickly came up with an alternative move that was more comfortable for those to execute. Jay’s teaching skills were only topped by her fun, outgoing, and inviting personality. I would highly recommend incorporating her workshop into ANYTHING you can.
— L.J. from Sonora, CA. review 8.5.2013
...I admit at first I had some hesitations about enrolling in a Burlesque dance class because I don’t have any dance training and my self esteem isn’t the greatest. Despite these limitations, I find myself having a blast each class and leaving feeling great! I’d recommend their classes to anyone, from beginner to seasoned, looking to get in touch with their feminine side and learn some great moves =)! (I even use a few of them on the dance floor when I go out lol ;) )
— Elise M. from Sacramento, CA. review 7.26.2012